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Monday, September 27, 2010

Calling All Alaskans

Welcome our new member:

North Polean

Just a quick "Hi" to everyone here.Anyone here from Central Alaska Region?[Fairbanks,North Pole,Delta Junction].I am a firm believer in being prepared.As part of living in this Great State,you [I am']are constantly challenged with raging wildfires,river flooding,earthquakes,excessive cold,ice build-up on power lines in turn breaking them,[It was -50 or colder for 13 days straight ,winter before last],wolves and bears migrating through your yard endangering your animals.Yes,it is rough up here and its all part of living here.If you are not prepared here,you can quickly die.I add,and subtract,from my prep list weekly.Best wishes to all!

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from our forum has started a thread for Alaskan introductions. Check in here to introduce yourself

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