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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prepping... yep sometimes it is late when you realize it.

Recently we had a couple earthquakes as well as a nice windstorm, which is still blowing in some areas.

Some people had some damage. Others had power outages. Others took it in stride.

Jamie at Woodside Gardens, learned her lesson and is grateful it was just a power outage… even if it may have been a little late. They at least got what they needed for prepping:

This weekend was a big eye opener for my family and I. Friday night we lost power, due to the unusually high winds sending an unusually high number of trees into the power lines. No big deal, right? We've weathered lots of power outages before! They never last more than a few hours, and we have lots of candles and blankets.

Saturday morning came, and we were still without power. Hmm. We don't own a generator. The 6 year old keeps forgetting to NOT flush the toilet, and now we have no water. Should we try to find a generator? Nah, the power will surely be back on in a few hours!

Saturday night, still no power. DON"T OPEN THE FREEZER!!! I have hundreds of dollars worth of food in the freezer, and if it thaws out, we're in trouble. And its getting really cold in here. Its 36 degrees outside.

Sunday morning, still no power. The house is very cold, and everything in the refrigerator is spoiled, including all the green beans I just harvested from the garden and hadn't had a chance to process yet. Husband decided that we have to get a generator NOW. Off to town we go, and had to look at 6 stores to find one. Imagine that, we weren't the only ones who decided we should get one! $800.00 later, we're on our way home, sure that the power will be on now that we spent all that money. Thank God we aren't burdened by credit cards any longer and had money in savings to pay cash.

What the Hell?! Now its SNOWING!!!

Back at home, the power still isn't on, so we get the generator running, and get the fridge, freezer and furnace plugged in by running extension cords through the kitchen window.. No well pump, as we aren't wired to switch it easily to generator power. If it was colder out, the well lines would all be frozen by now. We all took baby-wipe baths and snuggled in to watch a movie on the little TV that we plugged into the generator. If we hadn't gotten the generator, the freezers would be thawing by now.

We ran the generator all night last night. At 5:15 the alarm went off. Time for Rob to get ready for work. UGH. But then, a flash and a buzz, and on came the power! Yahoo!!! It was off for a total of 60 hours. If we hadn't left early Sunday to get the generator, they would have been all sold out and we would have been out of luck.

Top 5 things I learned from this ordeal...

1. Canning my produce, and even as much meat as I can, is a very good idea. The freezer is not a dependable food storage solution.

2. This is ALASKA. You need backup power. Dependable back up power. And you need the house wired for that backup power.

3. Kids get scared when the power goes off, even if they say they are fine.

4. Have emergency funds. Since we don't have credit cards (thank God) we would have been in a much worse situation if we had no way to buy the generator and emergency food and fuel.

5. I want a woodstove. You can heat with it AND cook with it.

I have a generator, but we didn't need it.  We would have let Jamie and family borrow it if needed.  I was more worried about the trees falling over:

When everyone was freaking out about SNOW, I was driving through Wasilla at that time going.. look at the SNOW on the Mountains. I didn’t see the soft fluffy cold stuff coming down, it was more sleet like but nothing to get worried about.

Now, there was a nasty windstorm a few das ago and the wind left big trees laying everywhere.. including on people’s houses. The lights were on when we got to our cabin, but the Toyo stove wasn’t working. Air bubble in the line it seems and MAN was it chilly last night. Hubby is driving back up tomorrow to fix it and then we are going to sit down and figure out what to do for sure. Rent out the Cabin for honeymooner types, and get together’s and mountaineers and so on? Or should we go long-term rental? Or should we just sell. Someone told us about their rental and what they did. I don’t know.. but the honeymoon rental would work. IN Alaska in a Cabin WITH running water and sewer… hmm. Something to think about for sure. And if you didn’t know, Talkeetna has a huge population explosion when you can climb Denali and they rent well and are usually cleaner then most people.

So always remember, crap happens anytime, anywhere.  If you aren't prepared you are going to wish you had been.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Calling All Alaskans

Welcome our new member:

North Polean

Just a quick "Hi" to everyone here.Anyone here from Central Alaska Region?[Fairbanks,North Pole,Delta Junction].I am a firm believer in being prepared.As part of living in this Great State,you [I am']are constantly challenged with raging wildfires,river flooding,earthquakes,excessive cold,ice build-up on power lines in turn breaking them,[It was -50 or colder for 13 days straight ,winter before last],wolves and bears migrating through your yard endangering your animals.Yes,it is rough up here and its all part of living here.If you are not prepared here,you can quickly die.I add,and subtract,from my prep list weekly.Best wishes to all!

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from our forum has started a thread for Alaskan introductions. Check in here to introduce yourself

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bending an Ear!

It has been a heck of a few weeks. Talk about going full speed.

We got the house we wanted. Has its own well, in an older neighborhood, with an acre or so of raw land, and a small very manageable house we can fix all ourselves. I am very happy with it and we aren't paying out the ying yang for it. Hubby is just as happy as he won't have to kill himself to get it up and running and gutted with all the new stuff in and fixed. This was an easy and well thought out house.

We decided to chill at our cabin, which we are going to refinance. I started cleaning out the garden, dumping the jalapeno, tomatoes and herbs in the compost. I noticed all the new growth. To little to late in this late fall. I will be transplanting most of the garden to our new house next spring. I pulled up the corn and started walking to the compost and looked at the odd bump... and I had an EAR! I grew and EAR of CORN! I was so happy I showed it to the hubby who laughed at me and was surprised in this really wet summer we actually got an ear! I hope to have the same if not better results next year! I now know when to start planting.

We have a house inspection in a couple of days, the appraisal coming very soon and then to sign. I will then have 3 mortgages. ACK! we will have to see what is next.

I hope you all are having a great week!

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