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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When reality meets House Hunting.

Houses.. a pain, a joy, stressful and when you are looking to upgrade or at least get a few extra feet, it can be a task. 
But with that said, I wanted to mention something as my Soon to Be and my Parental Unit were with me looking at houses around the area for the three of us and I came upon something very sad.

It was Sunday, very nice, pretty warm and little wind and we were going to the first house of the day via an appointment I had called in about the week before.  When we arrived, we could see someone was trying to cheaply fix the place up.  New roof, new siding... but in desperate need of some serious TLC and cash to make it the house it was.
Eventually the realtor showed up to let us into the house.  I first noticed an odd scent, of old wet wood smoke but something else I knew but couldn't put my finger on.  We quietly walked through the house and looked around as it was large for the year it was built.  I walked into the master and something struck me funny as I noticed that there was new rug laid down but not very well.  I went downstairs but over heard the realtor mention to my Parental Unit that the original owner had died and the executor of the house and will was selling this off for a steal.  I now knew why the house was very affordable for the area, even in the condition that it was in.  The original owner had died in the house and had been there for a while, as I glanced up from the bottom bedroom under the master and noticed a profoundly dark wet spot in the old tile on the ceiling.  As I looked to the right of me by a closet, there was a huge amount of dehydrated food that was actually the original company before it became Mountain House.

As we left all I could think of how sad that no one noticed that the man had passed away, had probably been there for a while and no one noticed or said a word.  As well as all the food that now could not be touch, used or eaten as the possible decomposition from him body may be on those cans.  It was a pretty sad, reality based day of hunting for houses.

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Rev. Paul said...

That's sad, but such a great snapshot of life. All his preparation didn't save him; in fact, the isolation left him undiscovered when he needed company the most.

At the risk of drawing a "prepper" lesson that you didn't intend, it does point out the need for a network in any survival scenario.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh my, what a sad story! (BTW, good luck in your house hunting.)

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