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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When reality meets House Hunting.

Houses.. a pain, a joy, stressful and when you are looking to upgrade or at least get a few extra feet, it can be a task. 
But with that said, I wanted to mention something as my Soon to Be and my Parental Unit were with me looking at houses around the area for the three of us and I came upon something very sad.

It was Sunday, very nice, pretty warm and little wind and we were going to the first house of the day via an appointment I had called in about the week before.  When we arrived, we could see someone was trying to cheaply fix the place up.  New roof, new siding... but in desperate need of some serious TLC and cash to make it the house it was.
Eventually the realtor showed up to let us into the house.  I first noticed an odd scent, of old wet wood smoke but something else I knew but couldn't put my finger on.  We quietly walked through the house and looked around as it was large for the year it was built.  I walked into the master and something struck me funny as I noticed that there was new rug laid down but not very well.  I went downstairs but over heard the realtor mention to my Parental Unit that the original owner had died and the executor of the house and will was selling this off for a steal.  I now knew why the house was very affordable for the area, even in the condition that it was in.  The original owner had died in the house and had been there for a while, as I glanced up from the bottom bedroom under the master and noticed a profoundly dark wet spot in the old tile on the ceiling.  As I looked to the right of me by a closet, there was a huge amount of dehydrated food that was actually the original company before it became Mountain House.

As we left all I could think of how sad that no one noticed that the man had passed away, had probably been there for a while and no one noticed or said a word.  As well as all the food that now could not be touch, used or eaten as the possible decomposition from him body may be on those cans.  It was a pretty sad, reality based day of hunting for houses.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

I promised Pics, didn't I!

Here are some pics of what is going on in the garden. 

My Broccoli, with some red lettuce and celery mixed in.

Some of our garden.  Two culverts on the left are squash in the front, and cauliflower with celery and red lettuce mixed in.  Two culvert on the right are cabbage with celery and lettuce mixed in and the culvert in the back are strawberries!

Cabbage looking good!

Cauliflower is getting big.

STRAWBERRIES!!!!!  Going to have a bunch.

The left side of the hot house is peppers of all kinds that we started from seed and a few we bought, some tom's, parsley.

Rights side are Tom's (sweeties, nenana, early girls and some of the micro patio types) all sorts of herbs and little seedlings in the back.

MORE Toms, with a few little green toms on the vine.  I also have cukes in the back of this and some 3 ft tall corn in the back.  I thought the corn would actually die but was shocked when they kept growing.

My Aphid eating pets. :)

Red and White Onions.

Golden potatoes and a few red ones as well.

One of our Himalayan Blue Poppies.

So if you are wondering I have more but those pics turned out pretty bad.  The culvert is working out well and won't fall apart.. good idea on by S.O. for sure!  The hot house is working great and I am glad S.O. decided to get that for now and we will eventually build our greenhouse.  S.O. also found this really cool heater for Hot Houses and Greenhouses.  You can't find them in the U.S. and they are only available in England.  Now we haven't used it yet, but I will let you know probably around fall when it starts to chill, how it works. 

Have a great weekend. :)

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whats going on in the garden

When I first started our compost this year, I just wanted good fertilizer. Now I just want it to help with my crappy swamp top soil. The potatoes love the high acidic soil, but other plants aren’t so happy with it.

So how did I start my compost? Well I grabbed 2 bags of grass from my in town house that the landscaping guys were going to toss. We have been throwing coffee grounds, old or bad vegetables and fruit in it. I also put in some soaked moose nuggets, lime and oh course our swamp dirt.

What is swamp dirt? Well, when we ordered topsoil for our new garden we put in last year, we didn’t realize it was coming out of a swamp area north of Willow, Alaska. I now have these weeds (not sure what they are) coming up and they are deeply rooted, and you only see them in swampy loess soil around the State. They remind me of little trees.

At the start of the thawing season I limed the heck out of my raised galvanized beds. All 9 of them have at least 7 cups of lime each in them and tilled the soil with my own hands and little plant shovel. It took a couple hours but it was worth it.

I made sure to put egg shells in the areas I know my tomatoes were going to be put in for the calcium and nitrates they needed and then fertilized with normal fertilizer, the rest of the garden. The end of this season I plan on putting a bag perilite each, in each raised bed as I have noticed the soil takes on a sandy/muddy consistency and the perilite will help with the drainage.

As of right now, I know the garden is doing better this year then last year. The one bed I didn’t do much with was the potato bed… as I said, they like acidic dirt. I will hopefully be going up on Friday to check on my little guys and seeing how much they have grown. I haven’t checked on them since Memorial day weekend and actually had tomatoes on the vine, little peppers on the vice and so much more growing fast and furious.

The only issues I have been having were my squashes. Everything I started from seed died for some reason. BUT as a precaution as I think subconsciously they would die, I planted a bunch of squash and zuke seeds and they were huge seedlings when I left to go subsistence fishing.

As of right now I have:

1 bed of potatoes, Alaska golden
1 bed of red and white onions that were about 6 inches tall when we left.
1 bed of arctic variety strawberries that HAD green strawberries on them when I left.
6 broccoli
6 cabbage
6 cauliflower
A nice couple of rows of carrots and radishes
2 rows of kohlrabi
2 rows of brussel sprouts
Lots of red lettuce but wishing I had grown romaine
Celery all over
Over 7 different varieties of tomatoes, 3/4th of them I start from seed.
Over 9 different varieties of peppers that are hot to sweet and over ½ of them I started from seed.
All sorts of herbs
Not sure how many tomatillo’s I have now.

I know I have more, but I can’t remember.

How are you guys doing?  Pictures.. soon, I promise.

Oh did I mention I am growing wild cucumbers for the berries.  AKA Watermelon Berries that you can foriage for.

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