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Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to keep an eye out on the Media and North Korea.

Someone called me a doom’s dayer. Honestly I really don’t care.

When it comes to a Nation who is notorious for screwing over its own people for its dictator to gain off their backs, makes me watch them closely. North Korea or NoKo is for all accounts, not a Nation that thinks ahead.

Many don’t realize we have been at war still with NoKo since the initial Korean War… or the Forgotten War. They have done everything it seems to start a real war again, not just with us but with other Nations around the world. They have sunk many a ship, in the same area that the recent South Korean ship was suck. They have tortured people from other Nation’s who were unlucky to be captured. They have also been caught sending arms to Iran recently. Not to mention that Russia, who is not one to usually become alarmed has a missile defense shield on the Border or NoKo and Russia. Does anyone see this as a problem if Russia has done this?

China is the only “friend” of NoKo, besides the arms friendship with the Middle East. And if China doesn’t take a stand on where their alliance is concerning their NoKo “friends” or with the U.S. or even Russia…. Something is going to give.

Why am I talking about this? As Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal speak about the oil spill in the Gulf, there isn’t much news on this “crisis” at the moment. Why? Does the liberal Media not think this a problem? Or are they out to make Sarah and Bobby look like fools later?

I am writing this for you all to be aware. Think of it this way. Obama inherited the “Iraq/Afghanistan” wars. He has never fulfilled a promise to bring the troops back. He has never helped our troops and has made the ROE (Rules of Engagement) harder for our troops. Or troops can’t do anything; including saying harsh words… now imagine this “regime” with a Korean war. Or how about trying to dismantle all of our missile defense systems in the U.S., where NoKo can possibly send a Nuke over to our Western Shores. Are you scared yet?

Wading through the liberal spin of what is going on is key to figuring out if you are ready for whatever is coming. If you are prepped… good. If you aren’t quite there yet, I suggest you try to get there soon.

Remember, Obama and his Administration “Never let a Crisis go to waste”. With that said, you shouldn’t let other tell you everything from their point of view and only trust those who will give you other options to look into. I hope this wakes you up, and not just worry about the economics of the world.

Please be aware.

If you are curious.  I have a multi series of posts on my other blog (The Palination) concerning why, how, and hundreds of links.  You can learn and see I don't just use the normal Media stream in the U.S. I look around.

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1 comment:

Rev. Paul said...

This has been an ongoing topic of conversation at my house, and among my friends. I think you're right on the money, and wouldn't be surprised if NoKo tries to attack the Alaska pipeline.

Thanks for staying on top of this.

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