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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More weird remedies!

Did I mention I usually try most of these to make sure that I am not posting stuff that doesn't work.  So if you are wondering if these work... I wouldn't post them unless they did!

Cold Showers:  Help with nasty fevers, helps dry skin (including eczema relief), reduces your blood pressure.  Who would that thought that?  It also helps with some migraines.  The shower doesn't have to be bone chilling cold.. luke warm and just a tad colder can be very helpful... and cost effective!

Got Vinegar?  Good for insect bites AND burns!  It takes the burn and bite away. 

Do you have an ulcer that makes you burp a lot?  Put a pinch or so of baking soda in your drink.  It will fizz a little but it WILL help with your sore tummy and burping as well.  DO NOT USE IF YOUR ARE PREGNANT!

Castor Oil is good for very sore muscles if you also use them with some heat source... or no heat source.  This is also good to use if you have issues with pain killers.  I would NOT recommend you use Castor Oil in conjunction with prescription pain pills.  I plan on using this with my Sig Other next week as we are doing marathon fishing!

Mineral oil can be used for constipation, ear problems and ear mites for animals.  But I am very leary of it, as it IS a petroleum product.  Be careful if used.

Tea Tree Oil.  It is okay... not the best stuff I have used.  It is not really a normal oil and drys out your skin.  You can use it to help with cuts and scrapes that need to be dried out.  It is good for acne as well as boils (to a degree). 

Rubbing alcohol can be used for quick fever issues.  You can rub it on someone with a nasty fever before putting them in a shower to help drop the fever faster. 

Did you know, that after your smack you finger(s) into something, that if you kiss them yourself... the pain goes away faster?  It is a psychological thing... and it works!

okay so these aren't the best.. but weird remedies are still fun to read about!

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Rev. Paul said...

Useful and entertaining, as usual. You are a resourceful person ... which I guess is why you're posting here. Duh.

Anyway, I liked it.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

More fun remedies!! I used to buy the media's dislike of petroleum, but I'm fine with it after I realized 'God made oil, it can't be that bad'. (Plus, I love my Vaseline!!!)And, we LOVE tea tree oil!! Great to stop athlete's foot (if started right away when it's starting to flare), I use it in my 'shampoo' (castille soap) to prevent scalp problems, it works GREAT to counteract bug bites (again if used right away). We love the stuff!! I make sure I always have a few bottles available!

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