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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Weird Remedies!

More weird remedies for your viewing and wondering pleasure.

If you have a small burn in the kitchen via your arm touching the side of a pan. Try putting toothpaste on it for the burn.

Putting Vicks vapor rub on your feet (and under your feet) will kill athlete’s foot fungus (and some other fungus). **This also works for chest colds… don’t ask me why!

Have horrible acne? Grab two or three teabags and steep in warm water and put them on your face until the heat is gone. It will dry out your acne pimples in a day or two and leaves no scars as well as a fresh smell!

Have horrible hemorrhoids? Now I know this sounds odd… but bare with me, pun not intended. If you use Comet cleanser to clean out your tub, don’t wash all of the cleanser down the drain. Leave a little in there (or sprinkle some in the tub)… make a bath as hot as you can stand and sit in it with a little bit of the comet cleanser in the water. You will notice a difference as soon as you get out and they won’t bother you for a while. It does work!

If you feel tired and need some energy. Put your left hand under tepid water for a minute. You will wake up instantly!

Have a boil? Use the cuttings of a potato with some skin, put the white portion on the boil and tape it down. The potato will draw the boil poison out in a day!

Have insomnia? Eat a banana before you go to bed.

Do you suffer from menstrual cramps? Eat some dried ginger.

Cold/Canker sore…. Eat sauerkraut, or even better put it on your sore and leave it there for 5 minutes. Yes, it works.

Yeast Infections (guys cover your eyes). Get some plain yogurt, dip a tampon into it and insert. I would also recommend you apply it outside. It usually works in 2 days. (My Mom told me about this when I was a kid)

Have a bruise you don’t want people to see? Take a fine tooth comb and comb lightly over the bruise… it should be gone or very lightly colored the next morning.

Does a Family member/Friend have a new baby with cradle cap? Put olive oil on a rag and rub the baby’s head and body down. It takes the cradle cap (or what I call cradle crap) off and baby never notices.

Do you have BAD foot odor. Use Vodka! But don’t drink it after you are done… ugh.

Okay … this is good enough to make you go either hmmm or YUCK! Enjoy! 

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Rev. Paul said...

You do seem to have a knack for being funny & informative at the same time. Good stuff!

p.s. Can I uncover my eyes now?

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Rev. Paul, Haha!
Upinak, another fun post! I don't think I could get hubby to eat sauerkraut, but maybe I can convince him to just hold it there!! :)

Anonymous said...


cover your eyes guys,,,my wife is a pharmacist,,,really dont put yogurt in the "special place" she contends it will only feed the infection,,,,eating yogurt regulary may reduce the chance of yeast invections.


upinak said...

Mike not always and it has been used for years before the invention of prescribed medicines.

Gotta remember we have only really had pharm medicines for about 80-90 years.

Aloha2U said...

Upinak, great and interesting post! I think you should write a book of these remedies. I'd follow the remedies you've listed here more than take prescribed medicines. When ever I get an ailment of sorts I always turn to my kitchen cabinets and pantry and garden. I simply refuse to use all this synthetic drugs.

gamsbo said...

Coment cleaner....off to the store I go....

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