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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Gardening start NOW! And a recipe for fungus flies!

This weekend I have been fixing the garden like you wouldn't believe, to get it ready for our veggies and the BF for his flowers.

This weekend I made sure to lime all the areas needed for less acidic soil.  I planted my potatoes and onion.  I also planted my squash, zuke, brussel sprout, kohlrabi and a few other seeds that do not need to be babied in the house.  I was a planting fool this weekend...... and it has only started!

This coming weekend, I will be planting in our greenhouse the tomatoes I have started from seed.  I bought 5 larger tomato plants but a few of them will be for that topsey turvey thing as I want to see if they will really work this year.  I will also be planting all my jalapeno plants (I think I have about 15 of them) in my greenhouse.  As well as my herbs, cukes and a special winter squash that is more like a pumpkin but tastes better. 

I am very surprised most of my seeds made it this year.  Many people think gardening is boring or whatever but I enjoy working in it as it offers a stressless and in many cases mindless time for me to do what I like and nothing happening.

Now onto my fungus fly recipe.

1 gallon distilled water (or tap water that sit over night)
add: 1 table spoon of DAWN or JOY LEMON scented dish soap.  1 table spoon Baking soda.  1 table spoon of regular table salt.  Shake well and put into a spray bottle.  You can spray the plant as well as the soil around the plant.  If you do this you have to make sure that you water the plant BEFORE you spray this mixture.  Use for a week and do not water plant until 3 days after you have stopped using the mixture.  You can use this as much as you want too.

You can use this for aphids as well on tomatoes.... but here is the catch.... you have to spray the plant and put a brown paper bag on it afterwards.  The aphids hate salt!  So they will be repelled at the taste of it.  But you must use a brown paper bag to make them climb off your plant(s), especially tomatoes.  Spraying the paper bag also works as well.  After a couple days you can take off the bag and then I would use your garden hose and spray the plant(s) off gently.  It does not affect the plants or the taste of it.  Marigolds don't always help with aphids if you have a large tomato plant.  So here is your helper for the season!

Hope you all do well in your garden... I will try to take pictures of what I have accomplished soon.

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