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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bow Hunting while starving. Some tips to help you out.

Bow Hunting or Archery in a starving situation can be good and bad. But let us start with the basics first.

There are multiple type of bows to choose from.

One is a long bow. Long bows are, 1. Long and 2. Very old fashioned as they are usually made from a very sturdy piece of wood with special curve in the grip area. It does not have an area for an actual grip but more leather in that area.

Then we have a recurve. A recurve bow is like a long bow, but this is “sculpted” with a hand grip. They are usually better as they are heavier and thicker around the middle (base) of the bow. Most recurves are now made via lamination. Long bows and recurves are considered Traditional or Heritage and are more used for closer range killings.

We now move on to the Compound Bows or composite bow. These are heavily manufactured as they can add more strength when you let your arrow fly due to the carbines at the end of the limbs holding pressure as you pull back. They can be more effective over longer ranges for a kill.

Last but not least is the crossbows, which are old and are the original compound bow with a trigger. It is effective but it is also needed to be close range.

Then you have your arrows which can be all different type from a composite to wood. Your arrow tips are also numerous and plentiful. But always remember that when you use arrows that there should be a separation of practice compared to your hunting as arrows weaken over time and can snap on you when you release for your kill.

Learning how to shoot a bow is easy. Put your arrow in the notch correctly, pull back and shoot. But to learn skill to effectively use it to kill is another story and can take a while to learn. You must learn to be patient and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You must also have your muscles get use to the resistance of your bow and have memory. The other problem when using your bow is when the adrenaline hits, you start shaking like a leaf. And here is where you need to remember a few steps.  And always remember, no matter how good you are, you will ALWAYS need Camo!

If out, in the starving situation and you come across an animal, what should you do? Watching the animal is always number one! You never know when an animal can move into a strand of trees, brush so on so you won’t have a good shot and hit a tree rather than the animal. Second, is do you have a good shot? Are their trees, brush, anything in the way of your shot? Third, where is the animal standing and how? Reason you want to make sure is that if you shoot and you get it in the gut, you make have some tainted meat… and that isn’t what you want. Also, let’s say you do shot the animal in the gut, or in a leg…. Are you going to follow it or leave it? Well think about this, if you are starving the animal shot in the gut will die even if it takes a while. But if you shot the animal in the leg, do you want the animal to take your arrow? Arrows are your mainstay; wasting an arrow is just as bad as letting a soon to be dying animal walk away and you not follow it! Or wasting an arrow is like wasting ammo. Would you do it?

Using a bow and arrow via your gun with a bullet or shoot can actually be better for you as well. With an arrow, the meat won’t be as tainted (unless you get them in the gut) and you don’t have to look for the bullet or shot later and possibly breaking a tooth or swallowing it accidentally.

Bow hunting is on the rise in the U.S. as it is good for the body as well as good for the brain. You also do not need a permit to own a bow and depending on most states, you have special hunts for bow hunters only. Learning to hunt with a bow and arrow takes skill and a will eventually pay off if you practice often. It will get you out and make you work for it though. Women are taking up bow hunting as fast if not faster than men as they are not as scared of a bow compared to a gun. Ladies I recommend you try and see if you like it. Women are starting to become the top players in bow hunting championships. Trust me, just ask Michele Leqve. She is one of the only women who have ever killed a polar bear with a bow. Talk about GUTS! You may think twice about bow hunting after reading Michele’s adventures. But bow hunting is not for everyone. So find a local Bow shop and talk to the Shop Manager. They can steer your in the right direction.

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Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Upinak, Hubby got his first deer last year over Thanksgiving weekend with a bow!! He was so excited! And, I shot one for the first time this past Sunday! It was a recurve. (We're members of a bow club, and someone let me borrow theirs to try it out. I did pretty good for my first time!) In addition to hunting, a bow could be a great means of defense against people and it is silent, unlike a gun! Great info-filled post!

upinak said...

Oh FUN! I use a compound myself. But it is a stress reliever for sure!

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