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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More weird remedies!

Did I mention I usually try most of these to make sure that I am not posting stuff that doesn't work.  So if you are wondering if these work... I wouldn't post them unless they did!

Cold Showers:  Help with nasty fevers, helps dry skin (including eczema relief), reduces your blood pressure.  Who would that thought that?  It also helps with some migraines.  The shower doesn't have to be bone chilling cold.. luke warm and just a tad colder can be very helpful... and cost effective!

Got Vinegar?  Good for insect bites AND burns!  It takes the burn and bite away. 

Do you have an ulcer that makes you burp a lot?  Put a pinch or so of baking soda in your drink.  It will fizz a little but it WILL help with your sore tummy and burping as well.  DO NOT USE IF YOUR ARE PREGNANT!

Castor Oil is good for very sore muscles if you also use them with some heat source... or no heat source.  This is also good to use if you have issues with pain killers.  I would NOT recommend you use Castor Oil in conjunction with prescription pain pills.  I plan on using this with my Sig Other next week as we are doing marathon fishing!

Mineral oil can be used for constipation, ear problems and ear mites for animals.  But I am very leary of it, as it IS a petroleum product.  Be careful if used.

Tea Tree Oil.  It is okay... not the best stuff I have used.  It is not really a normal oil and drys out your skin.  You can use it to help with cuts and scrapes that need to be dried out.  It is good for acne as well as boils (to a degree). 

Rubbing alcohol can be used for quick fever issues.  You can rub it on someone with a nasty fever before putting them in a shower to help drop the fever faster. 

Did you know, that after your smack you finger(s) into something, that if you kiss them yourself... the pain goes away faster?  It is a psychological thing... and it works!

okay so these aren't the best.. but weird remedies are still fun to read about!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to keep an eye out on the Media and North Korea.

Someone called me a doom’s dayer. Honestly I really don’t care.

When it comes to a Nation who is notorious for screwing over its own people for its dictator to gain off their backs, makes me watch them closely. North Korea or NoKo is for all accounts, not a Nation that thinks ahead.

Many don’t realize we have been at war still with NoKo since the initial Korean War… or the Forgotten War. They have done everything it seems to start a real war again, not just with us but with other Nations around the world. They have sunk many a ship, in the same area that the recent South Korean ship was suck. They have tortured people from other Nation’s who were unlucky to be captured. They have also been caught sending arms to Iran recently. Not to mention that Russia, who is not one to usually become alarmed has a missile defense shield on the Border or NoKo and Russia. Does anyone see this as a problem if Russia has done this?

China is the only “friend” of NoKo, besides the arms friendship with the Middle East. And if China doesn’t take a stand on where their alliance is concerning their NoKo “friends” or with the U.S. or even Russia…. Something is going to give.

Why am I talking about this? As Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal speak about the oil spill in the Gulf, there isn’t much news on this “crisis” at the moment. Why? Does the liberal Media not think this a problem? Or are they out to make Sarah and Bobby look like fools later?

I am writing this for you all to be aware. Think of it this way. Obama inherited the “Iraq/Afghanistan” wars. He has never fulfilled a promise to bring the troops back. He has never helped our troops and has made the ROE (Rules of Engagement) harder for our troops. Or troops can’t do anything; including saying harsh words… now imagine this “regime” with a Korean war. Or how about trying to dismantle all of our missile defense systems in the U.S., where NoKo can possibly send a Nuke over to our Western Shores. Are you scared yet?

Wading through the liberal spin of what is going on is key to figuring out if you are ready for whatever is coming. If you are prepped… good. If you aren’t quite there yet, I suggest you try to get there soon.

Remember, Obama and his Administration “Never let a Crisis go to waste”. With that said, you shouldn’t let other tell you everything from their point of view and only trust those who will give you other options to look into. I hope this wakes you up, and not just worry about the economics of the world.

Please be aware.

If you are curious.  I have a multi series of posts on my other blog (The Palination) concerning why, how, and hundreds of links.  You can learn and see I don't just use the normal Media stream in the U.S. I look around.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bow Hunting while starving. Some tips to help you out.

Bow Hunting or Archery in a starving situation can be good and bad. But let us start with the basics first.

There are multiple type of bows to choose from.

One is a long bow. Long bows are, 1. Long and 2. Very old fashioned as they are usually made from a very sturdy piece of wood with special curve in the grip area. It does not have an area for an actual grip but more leather in that area.

Then we have a recurve. A recurve bow is like a long bow, but this is “sculpted” with a hand grip. They are usually better as they are heavier and thicker around the middle (base) of the bow. Most recurves are now made via lamination. Long bows and recurves are considered Traditional or Heritage and are more used for closer range killings.

We now move on to the Compound Bows or composite bow. These are heavily manufactured as they can add more strength when you let your arrow fly due to the carbines at the end of the limbs holding pressure as you pull back. They can be more effective over longer ranges for a kill.

Last but not least is the crossbows, which are old and are the original compound bow with a trigger. It is effective but it is also needed to be close range.

Then you have your arrows which can be all different type from a composite to wood. Your arrow tips are also numerous and plentiful. But always remember that when you use arrows that there should be a separation of practice compared to your hunting as arrows weaken over time and can snap on you when you release for your kill.

Learning how to shoot a bow is easy. Put your arrow in the notch correctly, pull back and shoot. But to learn skill to effectively use it to kill is another story and can take a while to learn. You must learn to be patient and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. You must also have your muscles get use to the resistance of your bow and have memory. The other problem when using your bow is when the adrenaline hits, you start shaking like a leaf. And here is where you need to remember a few steps.  And always remember, no matter how good you are, you will ALWAYS need Camo!

If out, in the starving situation and you come across an animal, what should you do? Watching the animal is always number one! You never know when an animal can move into a strand of trees, brush so on so you won’t have a good shot and hit a tree rather than the animal. Second, is do you have a good shot? Are their trees, brush, anything in the way of your shot? Third, where is the animal standing and how? Reason you want to make sure is that if you shoot and you get it in the gut, you make have some tainted meat… and that isn’t what you want. Also, let’s say you do shot the animal in the gut, or in a leg…. Are you going to follow it or leave it? Well think about this, if you are starving the animal shot in the gut will die even if it takes a while. But if you shot the animal in the leg, do you want the animal to take your arrow? Arrows are your mainstay; wasting an arrow is just as bad as letting a soon to be dying animal walk away and you not follow it! Or wasting an arrow is like wasting ammo. Would you do it?

Using a bow and arrow via your gun with a bullet or shoot can actually be better for you as well. With an arrow, the meat won’t be as tainted (unless you get them in the gut) and you don’t have to look for the bullet or shot later and possibly breaking a tooth or swallowing it accidentally.

Bow hunting is on the rise in the U.S. as it is good for the body as well as good for the brain. You also do not need a permit to own a bow and depending on most states, you have special hunts for bow hunters only. Learning to hunt with a bow and arrow takes skill and a will eventually pay off if you practice often. It will get you out and make you work for it though. Women are taking up bow hunting as fast if not faster than men as they are not as scared of a bow compared to a gun. Ladies I recommend you try and see if you like it. Women are starting to become the top players in bow hunting championships. Trust me, just ask Michele Leqve. She is one of the only women who have ever killed a polar bear with a bow. Talk about GUTS! You may think twice about bow hunting after reading Michele’s adventures. But bow hunting is not for everyone. So find a local Bow shop and talk to the Shop Manager. They can steer your in the right direction.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Another method to hunting while starving: Trapping

Now I am just a beginner myself, but I always have open options for whatever.  I own traps and will use them this winter to learn as well as use the skins to further my "hobby" as people call it.  I also own a bow (compound) which I practice on regularly.  I am writing this as a here is what I have learned, and something to keep in mind.

Trapping has it's drawbacks.  You have to do quite a bit of prepping to use them and then before setting them, you must find tracks and use bait for certain little animals and all this while making sure not to leave YOUR scent.  Now at the moment I will not use snares.  I know how to make them, I know how to set them... but I won't use them.  I own 110, 120, and larger traps that squeeze the live out of the furbearers (conibear traps).  It is more humane and usually doesn't harm the pelts, that people will buy.  As much as some "organizations" say that it is cruel... well when they don't have anything to eat or wear, then they can talk to me about what is cruel when I leave them in the snow.  But I digress.

Prepping your traps and snares takes a lot of time and if you screw up you have to start over again.  Boiling them is the usual practice.  The reason, as it takes the smell off from previous kills and sterilizes any smell that may be on it.  It doesn't matter if your trap has rust on it.... as traps rust eventually.  Boiling is just a precaution to help you get an animal.  But oil can be a problem down the road.  Always use gloves of some sort that is only used for your traps.  it helps keep your smell off the traps.  Also, always air out your traps before setting them... your scent on anything can be life or death for you later.

Setting them is usually the main problem.  You have to know where and when the certain animal you are looking for, walks and has it's trails.  If you are in a situation where you are in limbo concerning tracks, it is always good to it down and watch.  Look for squirrels as they are not hibernators.  Look for birds as they always know where the remains of something are.  Look for trees.  Now the reason I say trees is due to natural caves where some animals are wintering.  Also looked for downed trees due to wolverines and beaver possibly around the area.  I wouldn't recommend trapping either of these two until you are more comfortable with smaller furbearers.  But always keep in mind they may be around.  Wolverines, coyotes and wolves are known to follow your trap line and eat your kills.  Beavers have been seen wandering around in the winter, younger ones, if they did not prepare their pond properly and are on the look out for uncovered snow trees and may trip your traps and possibly get caught.  It is always good to have a track book with paw imprints in it to help you identify what you are looking at.  Make sure it will work for your area as well.

Baiting your trap is up to you.  Peanut butter is a great bait.  Old smelling fish works.  Even dog food.  In some cases you don't need bait.  It just depends on the type of trap you are using.  Always check before you purchase certain traps what you need to do.  It won't boil down to what type of trap always, it will boil down on how you can camouflage your trap to make it work for you. 

You will only be successful in the first year(s) about 10% of the time.  Mostly by pure luck.  Don't get frustrated due to this.  Trapping is a huge learning curve and is probably one of the hardest ways to hunt as it takes patience and in some cases luck.  But when you learn how it becomes easier and easier.  And when you learn the basics, it will always change.  Always remember when you trap it is a waiting game but this can also be a life saver down the road as you don't need to use ammo in most cases.  If you are trapping larger animals, then it would be advisable to use a gun... I recommend a shot gun per the type of animal you trap.  Weasels, Muskrats, Rabbits etc you really do not need one.  Foxes, Coyotes... 14 to 12 gauge is preferably.  Anything larger... bring a rifle as you don't want to damage the pelt if you are going to sell it or use it for yourself.  I own a over under 22/14.  It works very well for what I trap for.

After you start becoming proficient in trapping... the next step is skinning and prepping the pelt.  Everyone is different concerning this process.  Field dressing is close to what you should do for your kills.. but there is more to it, if you want to keep your pelt.  The link I provided has multiple ways of skinning.

After you are done skinning your animal.  It is up to you if you decide to eat the animal.  I would if I were starving.  There is no reason to not use the meat, especially if you and your family are starving.  Trapping is quite a bit of work, but it is low cost compared to using your guns and ammo, especially if your ammo is running very low.  If you were in that situation, I am sure you would use it as well.  The pelts could be a means of buying power down the road. 

Keeping an open mind is what it is all about.  What you can do and what you should do is the difference in living and dieing.  I hope you look through the links I have provided and glean enough information to help you out in the future.  Next post will be on bow hunting.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hunting while Starving and what you should think about.

Someone said something that made me think about this. So what would you do?

If/When/Where the SHTF and you were starving and you had some type of shot gun and ammo. You see a herd or group of moose/deer/etc., how would you decide to hunt?

Now the reason why I ask this is because you and your family are starving, think about the animals you are hunting. They also have to replenish their numbers, especially if they are starving. Let’s say you see a small group of females. Are they older? Are they pregnant that you can tell? Are there younger offspring with them? What would you do? Hard time to think if you are starving, but you will need to be efficient in your decision as this could be life or death for you and your family. So I will give you an idea of what you should do, but that doesn’t mean you have to take my advice.

You see a small pod of moose/deer. They are females and some have calves. You will want to shoot the younger moose/deer. Reason why. Most of the older females know how to find food, yet the younger calves still have to learn. Also the older females may be pregnant which will help replenish the population. Now which calf would you take? If you can tell which calf is a male or a female, the suggestion would be the male. If the older females are pregnant, in many cases they may be carrying twins (in a good summer feed) which may be both male and female. Also males are more prone to try to stick around mom, unlike the female calves which are kicked off faster since they are competition during rut. Male moose/deer are also more prominent during good summers and dropped in the march-june calving season. If there is a cooler summer, more females are born. FYI if you did not know.

(notice in this pic that the Mama Moose's ribs are showing.  She has had a hard winter and was probably starving.  The ratios for twin calves to live is not good.)

Now let’s say you see a pod of bull moose/deer. If does happen, but this is usually only during Rut or if in the deep of the winter. How do you choose? Watch the pod. Look to see who is hurt. Which one is the eldest? Which one seems to be in their peak? Which one seems to be the youngsters of the group? My suggestion is to go for either an elder or the youngest. Reason why, is that the eldest usually are past their prime and usually just eat and fatten up for the long winter as well as the youngsters, who are not in their prime and as much as they would like to “mate” they don’t have a chance for possibly another year or so. The meats on both of these are usually not too tainted due to the Rut, which can make the meat taste more gamey than usual.

(Male moose do not usually "hang out" as they are solitary.  Only in the extreme cold of winter, Rutting season, or if they are brothers do they do this.)

Now, I know I said to kill the males more in general, rather than the females. But one male moose/deer can “mate” with over 20-30 doe(s) in a good season. While it would be understandable to hunt whatever you could, this is just a tool of suggestion if you happen to come across a pod in a starving situation. This is a conservation tool for you to use in future uses.

Common Sense is something not used a lot and in many circumstances and more so while hunting. Beginning to use good skills and practices for hunting will always help you out in the long run.  Rememeber, you aren't out for the "Trophy" when you are starving.... this is for survival.  Also don't forget that you will have to dress whatever you kill and bring it home.  Don't waste anything, but make sure you are able to take as much as possible as it may not be there when you come back.

Have a good week.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Weird Remedies!

More weird remedies for your viewing and wondering pleasure.

If you have a small burn in the kitchen via your arm touching the side of a pan. Try putting toothpaste on it for the burn.

Putting Vicks vapor rub on your feet (and under your feet) will kill athlete’s foot fungus (and some other fungus). **This also works for chest colds… don’t ask me why!

Have horrible acne? Grab two or three teabags and steep in warm water and put them on your face until the heat is gone. It will dry out your acne pimples in a day or two and leaves no scars as well as a fresh smell!

Have horrible hemorrhoids? Now I know this sounds odd… but bare with me, pun not intended. If you use Comet cleanser to clean out your tub, don’t wash all of the cleanser down the drain. Leave a little in there (or sprinkle some in the tub)… make a bath as hot as you can stand and sit in it with a little bit of the comet cleanser in the water. You will notice a difference as soon as you get out and they won’t bother you for a while. It does work!

If you feel tired and need some energy. Put your left hand under tepid water for a minute. You will wake up instantly!

Have a boil? Use the cuttings of a potato with some skin, put the white portion on the boil and tape it down. The potato will draw the boil poison out in a day!

Have insomnia? Eat a banana before you go to bed.

Do you suffer from menstrual cramps? Eat some dried ginger.

Cold/Canker sore…. Eat sauerkraut, or even better put it on your sore and leave it there for 5 minutes. Yes, it works.

Yeast Infections (guys cover your eyes). Get some plain yogurt, dip a tampon into it and insert. I would also recommend you apply it outside. It usually works in 2 days. (My Mom told me about this when I was a kid)

Have a bruise you don’t want people to see? Take a fine tooth comb and comb lightly over the bruise… it should be gone or very lightly colored the next morning.

Does a Family member/Friend have a new baby with cradle cap? Put olive oil on a rag and rub the baby’s head and body down. It takes the cradle cap (or what I call cradle crap) off and baby never notices.

Do you have BAD foot odor. Use Vodka! But don’t drink it after you are done… ugh.

Okay … this is good enough to make you go either hmmm or YUCK! Enjoy! 

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Flowers and Veggie Rhymes for planting.

I ALWAYS forget what shouldn't be planted each year next to each other.  So I decided to not just help myself out, but to help everyone else out as well.

Where catnip attracts cats,

Flea beetles flee.

To plant your carrots, deeply till
But keep them far away from dill.
Beets of red should never bed with beans of green, nor mustard wed.

Onion, garlic, leeks and shallots.
Keep carrot flies away from carrots.

But these pungent bulbs, unseen
Disagree with neighbor bean.

Lettuce is easy to grow, on the average
Except when competing with sunflower or cabbage.

Many vegetables love the potato,
which shuns its own cousins, eggplant and tomato.

Cucumber and Beans, love to be near each other it seems.

Tomatoes, tomatoes where can you grow,
with cucumbers, parsley and asparagus roam.

Corn hates Tomatoes and is happy next to a potato.

Celery likes just about everything, including asparagus.  It is part of the family!

The cabbage is usually friendly but never assume heartily,
They hate strawberries, dill, tomatoes and the broccoli!

Dill is the herb who fights with all.
So grow by itself in a pot that is tall.

Marigolds love a crowd, and keep the aphids from coming around.

Chives are fun and taste good on potatoes,
But like to grow well around greenhouse tomatoes!

Always remember, when the sun is high,
Planting your loved ones from taller to smaller.
Following the sun or just catching the Rays,
Makes your plants happy and grow up taller.

Here are some good links for companion plants.
Love To Know/Gardening

Have fun everyone!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May the Gardening start NOW! And a recipe for fungus flies!

This weekend I have been fixing the garden like you wouldn't believe, to get it ready for our veggies and the BF for his flowers.

This weekend I made sure to lime all the areas needed for less acidic soil.  I planted my potatoes and onion.  I also planted my squash, zuke, brussel sprout, kohlrabi and a few other seeds that do not need to be babied in the house.  I was a planting fool this weekend...... and it has only started!

This coming weekend, I will be planting in our greenhouse the tomatoes I have started from seed.  I bought 5 larger tomato plants but a few of them will be for that topsey turvey thing as I want to see if they will really work this year.  I will also be planting all my jalapeno plants (I think I have about 15 of them) in my greenhouse.  As well as my herbs, cukes and a special winter squash that is more like a pumpkin but tastes better. 

I am very surprised most of my seeds made it this year.  Many people think gardening is boring or whatever but I enjoy working in it as it offers a stressless and in many cases mindless time for me to do what I like and nothing happening.

Now onto my fungus fly recipe.

1 gallon distilled water (or tap water that sit over night)
add: 1 table spoon of DAWN or JOY LEMON scented dish soap.  1 table spoon Baking soda.  1 table spoon of regular table salt.  Shake well and put into a spray bottle.  You can spray the plant as well as the soil around the plant.  If you do this you have to make sure that you water the plant BEFORE you spray this mixture.  Use for a week and do not water plant until 3 days after you have stopped using the mixture.  You can use this as much as you want too.

You can use this for aphids as well on tomatoes.... but here is the catch.... you have to spray the plant and put a brown paper bag on it afterwards.  The aphids hate salt!  So they will be repelled at the taste of it.  But you must use a brown paper bag to make them climb off your plant(s), especially tomatoes.  Spraying the paper bag also works as well.  After a couple days you can take off the bag and then I would use your garden hose and spray the plant(s) off gently.  It does not affect the plants or the taste of it.  Marigolds don't always help with aphids if you have a large tomato plant.  So here is your helper for the season!

Hope you all do well in your garden... I will try to take pictures of what I have accomplished soon.

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