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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new and light B.O.B.

I thought I would talk about my mini B.O.B. today as I am thinking very hard on what to put together. It will be small… hopefully no more then ten pounds total.

I have a good backpack that I bought out of state years ago by NorthFace at an outlet store. I like it because it has a few extra pockets and spots for other things which I will talk about as well as an area for a camel back water bladder.

So what to pack in it? I thought about this for quite a few days. I purchased at REI for reasonable prices a magnesium striker, a little waterproof match holder, a tiny mag lite and most important… some water electrolyte tabs made by Camel Back. I bought the little tab’s (which are in a hard case and round and very light) rather then the little on the go electrolyte packages as I can easily find this little container and use it later if needed.

I have a small first aid kit for only dire emergency basics in it in which I will put in a small Ziploc bag (double bagged) as it had a water bottle with it and I couldn’t beat paying 5 bucks for it! I will have 3 water bottles with me at all times (not filled until needed). I will also have 2 changes of socks, flip flops, lip balm, a small lotion, a wash cloth and a travel bottle of liquid soap. I will also be carrying a double bagged pile of lint from my dryer, a double bagged roll of toilet paper (for the obvious and to help start a fire if need be) and a very small bottle to squirt with HEAT in it to help make quick fires. I am also packing for myself my GoGirl cup and a Diva Cup (Thanks Gen!) as you never ever know when you are going to need to go pee or have a monthly issue occur.

Now, what else I am going to pack is the question. I have BDU’s in woodland color. But I think I will just pack my bottoms… and only the summers. The reason is the summers dry out faster then the winter BDU’s do. Why BDU’s? Well when you walk for a long period of time, you will be losing quite a bit of weight. The clothes you decide to use for B.O.B.’s will actually be to large after 3 days and very baggy. BDU bottoms can be adjusted at the waist and taken up and they do not usually stretch out.

I will also pack 2 black t-shirts (one long sleeve one short), a black sweat shirt (with hood) and my black Columbia zip up jacket with a pair of stretchy gloves. I am buying a new pair of shoes soon… so the outdoor shoes I like to wear now will be put into the bag as well. They do not cause blisters and a very comfortable as well as dry out pretty fast. If you are wondering they are Keen.

Now I haven’t decided on food… but it would be very, very limited. Gum I will for sure stick in the bag as it is a great deterrent for the munchies. I will update you with a picture on what I decide to also add. Any other tips you would like to mention… please do so!

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Rev. Paul said...

Sounds good, so far. Another blogger has been soliciting opinions on the same topic - a light bag for, say, getting stranded for whatever reason, not more than 10 miles from home, but needing to make a circuitous route by foot.

Maybe extra socks?

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good post! (Thanks for the shout-out!) You can tell us women--I have lotion and soap in mine, too! I also stuck floss in it because food in my teeth drives me crazy! (Not that I'll be eating too much, but, you know!) How about a pocket sized wild edible foods book? (Unless you already know that stuff.) Gum is a GREAT idea!! It always takes my mind off the fact that I'm hungry!
Rev. Paul, extra socks is a good idea!

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