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Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking Forward

I think prepping is now more on the minds of Americans than one realizes.  Today, speaking to a co-worker, it dawned on me they were talking about prepeping but in their mind it was not prepping it was a just incase.  As I won't talk politics at work i asked them what they had which wasn't much and gave them recommendations on what they could get.  They smiled thanked me and then curiously asked how I knew about these things.  I smiled back and told them that I had been doing what they just started for years.

With what my BF went through recently, we have bought a few more hand guns.  As I can not carry where I work, I have pepperspray that he bought me.  I plan on buying a few smaller things as well.... as I am the only woman at work who will probably do something if someone tried to hurt a co-worker.  Nothing is scarier when you realize you have nothing to defend yourself with.....

But on to better things.  I have LOTS of little seedlings now.  My little hot peppers are 4 inches tall.  I have more tomato seedlings that are anywhere from 2-6 inches tall.  I just need them to grow out and stop being so leggy... so I have a feeling I will be replanting them in a larger bucket and burying the leggy parts.  I also have good looking 4 inch heirloom lemon cukes, a 12 linch long heirloom winter squash, herbs out the ying yang.  I am doing pretty well.  I didn't think we would as it started nice and got colder and started snowing again... but now it seems to finally be on the warming side. 

If it stays warm this weekend I will start showing the BF how to start "hardening" the plants so we can plant them sooner rather then later.  We had the greenhouse up but had to take it down due to the snow.  But that will be going up again this weekend.  Most of my raised beds are snow free and I will be looking out for potato starts soon!  YAY! 

I am also going to be doing a soil sample this weekend.  I hope for good news, but since we have mostly clay/sand like supposed "top soil" I have a feeling I am going to be adding quite a lot to my raised beds.  The faster we get out the samples the faster we can start planting.

On another note... we are going to be looking into building a cabin.  So if anyone around Alaska, within reasonable areas, who wants to get rid of some of their timber on their land (not cotton wood)... let me know.  I have no problems coming in and taking what you don't need or to thin out a little of what you have.  Or would anyone know how to get some of the spruce off the parks they are cuting down?  I haven't been able to find much information out on that.  If you don't know... from Willow up to Kashwitna (and maybe further now) they are cutting back up to 100 feet and giving the wood away it seems if not on private land.  Anyone know about it, please contact me.

Have a good week all.

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