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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mushing and the Iditarod 2010.

Taking dogs, a sled and mushing through the snow sound like an idea for you?  It could work in the right circumstances.  But Alaska in many ways has pulls away from that old idea, except of the Iditarod.  Many others use dogs for traplines around Alaska as well as other States and Canada.  But it is hard work.... so unless you want to wake up at 4:30 every morning to feed them, then they may not be worth your time.

We decided to go watch the teams go by on a quiet strip, for the Iditarod.  I have a few photo's I will be in posting.  I have a lot of respect for these people who spend all this time with their dogs and training them.  I will be honest, I love animals... but caring for 50 or more can be more time then I could manage.  Good Luck to those on the trail!

Could you do it?  Would you want too?  What if meant you had to to survive?  Could this be your B.O.B.?

This is Dee Dee, a cancer survivor and has run 28 time in the Iditarod.  She is one woman who I would want on my team.

Jeff King, 4 time champion.  Neat guy and appreciates people coming out to wish him off.

And here is Martin Buser.  If you have seen Discovery Channel or watch Dirty Job's with Mike Roe... you have seen him on there.  Pretty decent guy.

Good Luck guys!


Rev. Paul said...

Your viewing spot was better than mine. I didn't really know where to set up this year, as I've always been at the starting line in the past.

Speaking with the mushers as they glide past is neat, though. I'll do it again next year. You have good pictures here; thanks.

APN said...

Ok....I knew I would do this eventually moderating the spam from the posts, I accidentally hit the delete button on Gen's comments, but did catch myself soon enough to copy them...so here's this one:

wow, totally neat pictures! That woman has done the iditarod 28 times!!! Oh my gosh! She is the woman! (Gen-IL Homesteader)

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