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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just for the Ladies.... GoGirl Urinal Cups

Just for the Ladies and Men if you feel the need to get one for your wife to make life simple on the road, camping or if the SHTF.

GoGirl urinal cups.  Now, I know some of you may think this is weird, gross whatever.  But I have one and have had one (almost exactly like this) for years.  I bought it when I was in the army because when you had to go.. there was no where TO go.  And the one I bought was from Australia so I don't remember the name.

These are medical grade, sanitary (if you flush them out with water afterwards), you don't have to throw them out, you can reuse them and CHEAP!  I just bought two 3 packs.  One for my truck, one for my B.O.B., one for my BF's camper, one for my day pack out (on the sled, ATV or just hiking), one for my Mom (who thinks it is weird and cool all at the same time) and a spare one. 

I do NOT get any money for this.  I am showing the women on here that they can go pee without having to pull your pants down around your ankles and getting bit on the butt during summer or freezing in the winter... or the dreaded pee on the clothes issue.  These are PERFECT for B.O.B.'s!  And I decided that you all need to take a gander.  Something isn't right in the air... and if I can feel it, I know you can too.


Rev. Paul said...

There's nothing gross about it; it's a product which fills a definite need.

My mother, aunts, and sister all had to hike a distance into the woods, watching for snakes etc, and then squat behind bushes. I never thought it was quite fair for them, when all my dad & I needed was a tree.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Kymber said...

oh Upinak...you are sooo freakin awesome...thanks so much for this!!!

and hey - have you posted about this on the APN forum???in the ladies section??? the ladies will go crazy for this!!!!

upinak said...

Paul ... you know I have the coolest weird gadgets. This is a LIFESAVER and has been for years. Just don't get weirded out when you see your wife and girls pee standing up HAHAH!

Kymber.. there is a ladies section? Can you show me and post it as I do not have admin rights to it that I know of.

Kymber said...

Upinak....here is a direct link to the Ladies Section of the forum:


when you open the link...right under the words "Ladies Section" it lists the Moderators...and right under that it says in red "New Topic" - as long as you are a member of the forum - you can post a new topic in any of the threads.

hope to see you posting there soon!

APN said...

Great Post! I wish I'd known about these when my wife drove truck with me. We ended up buying a porta-pottie for the truck. It was the best investment we ever made

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

You know, when I bought the diva cup, the same company was selling the urinal. I thought it was so funny! I never really understood why it would be a good thing until your explanation here! Thanks!
BTW, did you see that I was able to enter you in the drawing? Thanks!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Upinak! You won the t-shirt contest! Congratulations! I need your t-shirt size and address. (It's a men's Gildan t-shirt.)email me at inthered2@yahoo.com

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