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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When you are in a jam on a cold night... always have a can of HEAT!

Yes, you read that right.  HEAT, that little plastic yellow bottle that you put in to your vehicle to take the moisture out.  Why?  Well here is some thoughtful advice if you didn't know already.

HEAT is extremely conbustable.  It is alcohol based and if anything ever happens to you, if is always good to have this one little bottle in your pack no matter where you go.  So here is what you should do if you ever are in need of it and what you should have.

1. HEAT (obviously)
2. paper of some kind, but if you have a half used roll of toilet paper in your house... stick it in a tight sealed plastic bag and have it in your vehicle.
3. a lightweight shovel.  Everyone should have one of these as you never know when it will be useful.
4. matches or a lighter.

Now, this is what you do.  Take the bottle of HEAT and put it into the baggy with the toilet paper in it, making sure you have a tuft of toilet paper sticking out of the bag.  The toilet paper will soak up the heat and the tuft is so you can light it .... LATER.  Makes sure to try to get any HEAT accidentally put on your hands off as you might ignite it.  Take your shovel and dig a hole.  If you are doing this on top of snow I will advice to you dig until you hit the dirt and make sure you have at least a foot showing.  If it is summer, make sure to dig about 6 inches or so down.  If you do not do this, and say it is raining, the HEAT may spread and you WILL be burned.  Put the roll of toilet paper still in baggy in the bottom of the hole while piling any small deadwood in a TeePee formaion.  Light the tuft of toiletpaper with match or lighter, becarful as not to burn yourself. 

VIOLA, you will have a hot, long burning fire if there is ANY reason to need one.  Mushers and trappers have used this method if they need to bed down for any reason, mainly blizzards.

Does anyone else have any other ideas or suggestions?  I would love to hear them!


Rev. Paul said...

Another good ignition source for kindling is an old tin (Sucrets, Altoids, or what have you) packed with side-by-side vertically aligned corrugated cardboard strips. Soak this arrangement in beeswax, and voila: instant flame. It doesn't dry out like paraffin or alcohol-based sources, either.

APN said...

Great Post I like it! I turned on the comment moderation by the way....we are getting tons of spam

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