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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seeds a starting... and cabin fever as well as Fur Rondy in full swing!

Awww life, you know how it gets in the way of a good thing. Well life decided to smack me and unfortunately I had to deal with it before blogging on what I enjoy.

But on to nicer details!

Last week I had a moment and started a few seeds. Some heirloom winter squash that can be canned for pumpkin pies. Some heirloom lemon cukes, a couple different varieties of tom’s and all my herbs as well as a few other seeds that I can’t think of. This year I am going to take my herbs inside and see how they do, but I need to start them early so I can stick them in my green house. I would say sometime in the next two weeks or so, I am going to start on my heirloom and hybrid mixes of veggies. As I said earlier, I only buy the variety of hybrid that doesn’t wilt if we have a frost. I am looking forward to the TAM jalapeƱo seeds we bought as well as other things like squash, zukes, cali’s, cabbage, and my normal gardening entourage of flora and fauna.

But I also decided to TRY to grow corn and have 5 seeds sprouting. There is a variety that I guess grows in Alaska, a variant or a hybrid type. I will be keeping them in a more shaded area of the yard so they may be able to grow at least a little. Also, I am growing blue berry bushes from seed. I have NO clue how long this is going to take as I bought them from a “Post card” thinking why the heck not. It couldn’t hurt to at least try. I will keep everyone post on how they do, but I am not expecting miracles.

I am acquiring the buckets for the city container garden at my house and of course some for the big garden. I have purchased perilite for the soil as I am sure it is going to need some soon and I also bought some mixing potting soil.

I have to say I am looking forward to Break Up (our version of spring in Alaska) more then ever as I have cabin fever horribly this year. I would have to say this is the worst case I have had in years. But you can’t complain as this IS Alaska! 

If you haven't heard or just didn't know, Fur Rondy is in full swing and soon the Iditarod will be a running (pun intended).  The Iron Dog is also in full gear (hehe) and soon Arctic Man will be upon us.  Yet, I have this odd feeling that we are going to have a early break up.  Maybe it is just me and wishful thinking!  Maybe I should go run with the reindeer this year?  What do you think?


Rev. Paul said...

Early break-up? It's possible, since winter has been so mild this year. We had greenery four weeks earlier than normal last year, though, so I don't want to count chickens, etc etc.

Nice puns on the races. You're up to speed!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I am so jealous! You live in Alaska and you're starting seeds already!!! I think I will in another week or so. Can't wait. You know, I picked up some of those lemon cukes this year. I've never tried them before. Have you? I love cukes so I hope they taste good!

I have never heard of the Fur Rondy or running with the reindeer! It sounds like you guys have alot of fun stuff planned up there! Enjoy!

Aloha2U said...

It's still winter here as well but way much milder compared to the rest of the states, in the evenings gets to 58-60's degrees, days runs bout' 70-80's.

Did start quite a few of my seeds with many sprouting already but still need to put them indoors at night and back out in the day.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, 70-80 degrees sounds magical! I'd settle for 40 degrees here!! Glad you've got seeds going. I'm hoping to do so this week.

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