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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The power of Irish Spring!

Oh yes, that smelly soap of the 80's works wonders in the garden.

If you have never heard why, well Moose hate the smell of it.  HATE IT!  Bears and deers, I understand, don't care for the smell either... even though we as humans don't mind it.  What do you do with it?  Well if you are near a large box food over stock box store, you can buy it in bulk as bar soap never goes bad.  I only recommend bar soap for this. 

Take said bar soap, and slice it up if possible.  It may be difficult.  If you choose not too I don't blame you, but try to chunk it up some how.  Take a big pot of water and set to a boil.  When it is at boiling point, put it on medium heat and add the soap.  Let it sit there until all the soap is disolved.  When all is said and done you are going to have a bluish/greenish and milky white water.  let it cool down just enough so it won't scald you.  Grab a bucket and dump the pot of water in it and add water to the top of the bucket.  Use a large spoon or a small bowl and pour around and on your garden area(s).  The smell will keep the moose, deer, bears, and other critters away.  It also has an effect on slugs and I had had success with keeping them at bay with this.

Do you have fruit trees?  If you can drill a hole in the middle of the bar of soap (long ways) and put a peice of twine on it and hang it on the tree.  The deer and moose won't munch on your fruit trees during the winter.

If you own any old CD's.  The way to make this work is simple.  Put the old CD's that you will never use again in a microwave for 3 seconds.  No more then 3 or you will have a house fire.  What the microwave does is makes the data on the CD unable to read and look like old fashioned crack glass.  Put the old and now crack looking CD's, taped to a Spoon or hung by a tree with twine.  Moose and deer do not like the reflective part and will spook around your garden in most cases.  If they see these they will general.ly leave your garden alone.

Two easy steps to making your garden critter free.  Other ideas are welcome!


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Upinak! I'm enjoying reading your informative posts! I didn't even know that someone was writing on the Alaska blog until you commented on IL.
I love the Moose Nugget post! Do you have moose all around you? For a plain old IL girl, that sounds SOOOO exciting!(Plus the pic was beautiful!)
It sounds like you've got alot of great things growing in the garden this year! Looking forward to reading more new posts!

Aloha2U said...

wow, I never knew irish spring soap had such an affect, good to know. Dawn liquid dish washing soap is another one, it kills fleas and ticks instantly! But don't wash your pets with it because the chemicals in it are too strong and harsh and it will leave your pet with terrible skin conditions.

What I do is fill a container with warm or hot water with dawn soap and have it bubble and lather a bit and then I comb my pets fur and drop the critters in it. The ticks you can just spray it on them or add drops of dawn right on them that is the tick being off of your pet first and if you have ticks in your pets sleeping quarters. It works, I never thought it did but my uncle does this for his dog, but he did the mistake of washing his dog with it and she had a bad skin condition after.

upinak said...

Hi Gen, yep.. moose are all over. Most of the time they remind me of cows.. just lazy large beast with nothing to do but eat. But I like them.. watching and eating. *wink*

Hey Aloha, I have a EXCELLENT recipe to get rid of fungus flies! I didn't know about the dawn dish wasing on fleas or ticks... as we don't have them up here often. But it is good to know in the future! Owning a dog and two cats myself... or I should say they own me.. I rarely wash my animals as anything you use scrubs them of their oils.

Aloha2U said...

I never wash my cats, my dogs I give em' a good wash maybe about 6 times out of the year. I use baby wipes on my big dog which she likes and keeps her fresh when I can't get to scrub her much.

But around here we got the humidity going with the heat and so it's a natural breeding ground for fleas and ticks. My dogs have a herbal natural shampoo I use, but yup you're right about the dog's coats natural oils that's why I rarely wash em' either.

My neighbors got the tick action going on in their yard so I need to be vigilant in keeping our yard and property lines free and clear of the ticks because my dogs have no ticks.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Upinka, I just wanted to let you know that I linked to AK and your posts regarding freezing seeds in the post I did today. Thanks!

SciFiChick said...

I have a suggestion for cutting up that bar soap. I make my own laundry soap and use a bar of soap in the mix. I just use a cheese grater. It works great and helps to melt the soap faster too!

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