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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time to grab those Moose Nuggets!!! We're making Tea!

Time to grab a bag! We are going to go look for Moose Nuggets!

Yes, you read that correctly. Moose Nuggets! Why? Well I am going to give you my AWESOME recipe for a natural fertilizer. OMG, Moose Nuggets though? Just wait till you see what else I have in it.

For gardens in Alaska, it is vital to have good nutrients for your crops especially potatoes. We have volcanic ash, we have good soil and swampy musk keg, but sometimes that can actually give to much or too little nutrients to our little seedlings.

Now, I want you all to go around your area(s) and if you see a pile of moose nuggets (moose nuggets for the cheechakos is moose dung), have a plastic bag from a grocery store and start picking them up! No, the moose nuggets won’t kill you, and in most cases it is more sanitary then dog or cat feces… in an oval and hard form. But make sure to get a full bag of them as you are going to need every spare nugget.

Now, after you get a full bag, you will need these items.

1. A homedepot/large painters bucket, clean(ed) with lid.
2. a handful of lime, your choice.
3. a handful of peat soil, your choice.
4. a handful of sand, where ever you can find some.
5. and a bottle of someone spit from chew (1 liter if possible)*

I would only do this in or around May, because it will be gross going. Be aware to wear a mask or something under your nose so you do not gag.

Take cleaned bucket and put moose nuggets on bottom. Take the lime, peat soil and sand and dump on top. Take the bottle of chew and add to the top of the lime, soil, sand mix. And last but not least… add water (from wherever) to the bucket, and just barely goes to the surface of the pile. The moose nuggets MAY FLOAT, be aware. Take a garden shovel and stir. Take the bucket lid, put some holes in the top to breathe and place on the bucket. Leave for one week.

This is an easy and fast way to have a starter compost tea, especially if you are a prepper and want to make life a little easier on yourself. After a week of “fermenting” (make sure to have your mask it may stink) add more water, I would say at least an inch from the top. When your seedlings are about two inches tall, take a bowl or whatever you would like to use to scope out the “Tea” and put it on your seedlings. Also, make sure to water them AFTER you put the “Tea” on them… as the tea is very potent and I have accidentally killed them. You will see them grow faster in a week.

Try this as an experiment this summer. If you like how it works, you have a new recipe. If not, you at least got out and enjoyed the Alaska Winter.

Next Blog… what seeds to choose? Have a great day!

*Chewing Tobacco is an excellent source of nitrogen.  It is gross as heck, but it is absolutely needed to make this tea.  Please wear gloves when handling!


Kymber said...

what an awesome post and i remember all of the farmers going out in the spring - not to HUNT moose - but to collect their nuggets!

thanks for reminding me of some awesome memories and for reminding me of what to do with Moose nuggets!!!

Upinak - you are doing an awesome job here at the Alaska Preppers Network! glad to have you here!

upinak said...

Aww thanks Kymber. :)

I remember an old alaskan saying something about moose nugget tea for seedlings. But he would never tell me what to do. Trial and error.. and playing with poop, I think I got it finally figured out!

Your Welcome... let me know how it works in Canada.

Rev. Paul said...

Uppy, you know you're doing a good job when you can make moose poop interesting.

Srsly, well done.

upinak said...

Hey... it is all in the style of writing about stuff!

If I can make nuggets interesting, then think about how I can make other things interesting *wink*

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