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Monday, January 25, 2010

Preparing for the Midnite Sun Garden: Phase 1.

Evening good Alaskans! I thought about this for a while before writing it down to see if anyone else was in the mood to garden like I am and it seems that many people, even thought this has been a very mild winter so far, are already looking forward to spring.

I guess it depends on what you are growing. 1. I don't go for world record pumpkins, so I guess this is starting early. 2. gardening takes my mind off of everything and de-stresses me. I hope it does the same for you. So, my garden this year will consist of multi variants of squash, radishes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, a wide variety of tomatoes and other hearty veggies that I know will grow here in Alaska.

Why not corn? Well corn, come to find out, is only able to grow in the dark due to the photosynthesis via the sun. You will see at the State Fair(s), that there are very little corn cobs there and they are far smaller than around the lower 48. There are many varieties of corn but unless you have a specialized green house where you may be able to shut out as much light as possible, corn is just hard to grow.

Even though it is only January, it is time to think about the different types of plants to grow. Also, it is time to think of the soil you have around. If you have compost or are you going to use fertilizer from the store? What about Horse Manure, cricket manure or even moose nuggets? These are the types of items to think about in the coming month or so.... because being prepared is the idea for the Last Forntier.

If you have any questions, comments, or other.. please do not hesitate to use the commenting area!


Lil said...

I'm a pretty awful gardener (in Oregon) who hopes to move up to the Anchorage area in a few years. I'm afraid I won't be able to grow anything up there! So far down here I've only had success with tomatoes & a few herbs. Am I doomed? :-)

upinak said...

No lil, :)

It takes some getting use to due to the different sun light vrs darkness things. The hardest thing I have EVER grown were tomatoes. They just don't grow like they do in the lower 48. But last year I grew all sorts of peppers.. hot and spicy to mild and sweet. It depends on the weather of course and the sun... but it also depends on the type of seed as well.

Keep coming back, I will help you out. :)

Susan said...

Oh I am just itching to get out there...folks at work must be getting weary of all my garden talk...and there's months to go before I can do much except drool over the seed catalogs! I did have some success with corn my first year (2008, worst summer in years!) by transplanting starts, then wrapping in plastic for heat to get them started. After they hit about 4 feet my dad said to rig up black plastic to drop down overnight (they were next to the greenhouse so it was easy to tack up, roll up at day, roll down at night). I think that helped. Didn't get all the way ripe but they were yummy and about 8" long, got the standard two per stalk. Going to try again this year. We compost (well, right now it's 'freeze') everything we can - come thaw I'll hit the barrel with some fixer to get things heated up again. Thanks for the blog, I'm sure looking forward to my midnight sun garden again this year, will be checking back for updates - and help! Susan

upinak said...

Wow Susan, youa re the first that I can say has had some actual success! Good on you!

LOL my corn didn't do so well. But then again, I didn't know at the time that it needed darkness to grow. And since we live in the state of the summer sun, I just gave up. I may come to you for guidance just to try growing corn. Good Job!

upinak said...

Anon.. good luck with your assignment. Hope I helped out a little.

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