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Monday, September 7, 2009

Health Care Reform, Death Panels, Obama, Sarah Palin and you.

I would like to ask you a question?

Given the current level of interest in Health Care / Health Insurance Reform, what are you doing to prepare yourself for any medical needs?

There are plenty of things we can do from getting in shape to learning about medicine to getting involved with the political process. Don't forget that it is always good to have medical practitioners in your circle of friends. Have a savings account, work at an employer with a good medical program.

I have heard it said, "as long as you have your health, you have everything."
Take positive steps to make sure you have a plan in case you need care.
If you have any suggestions please post them for all to see.

Casey in Alaska


Aloha2U said...

Excellent reminder and post, annual check-up at the doctors are good to do as well while you still can. Getting to know your neighbors and discussing emergency preparedness plans are another good habit to get into as well.

I am employed by Costco's, they do have a pretty good medical plan but I already have medical with my husbands employer if ever the need will arise I will look into picking up medical from my company.

Costco's is good for my food storage planning in certain items as well as my emergency supply storage items and it allows me to spread the word about preparedness to those willing to listen.

Regarding getting in shape, I have been exercising for the past 26 years by walking, running and joining exercise classes. Now that I work at a big box store part of my job description at Costco's is to walk the outside and inside perimeters in it's entirety, safety checking and securing certain things within and around the warehouse. So it's like I get paid to exercise.

I do eat healthy and keep up on all health issues regarding foods, medications and so forth which by the way I refuse to use any prescription drugs, I go the natural route instead, unless I REALLY need it. It really needs to be a life and death situation for me to resort to those types of medications.

I study and research everything that goes in my body I also read every single label on everything I purchase, if there's sodium nitrate or aspartame in a product I won't buy it msg and food color dyes either and tons of other more stuff I am pretty anal about this kind of thing.

I do the same for my pets. Their meals are all home made including their snacks. It's rare for me to eat out because I am well aware of whats out there.

I also have a good book collection on aromatherapy, herbs and spices, herbal teas, foods, fruits and vege's as well as the first aide books for pets and people and a vitamins book I have quite a few books on these topics and more, I have a tendency to educate myself as much as possible so that I will not only help myself but others as well.

Marie said...

Wow, good points in the post and comment. I would add that it would be good to have medical supplies on hand in the case of a quarantine, because if you end up needing something for health reasons, you won't have it unless you have stocked up on it. Also, if you have regular medications, I have seen/heard it recommended that you try to have a supply on hand in case of disruption of the delivery system or quarantine.
When it comes to food storage, if you can get it balanced in terms of nutrition you may be able to avoid health problems. Lots to think about.

Aloha2U said...

So true Marie, I have stocked up on over the counter drugs which will be my "just in case" meds. I try to always look for expiration dates on the meds and find those that are at least a year or more away from expiring. If they do expire the drug loses its potency, you can still take it but it just won't be as effective as it was before expiring, just weaker.

Yep, that's why I am doing everything that I can now to prevent and avoid health issues as much as possible because in the long run it will be harder to get medical care and services available individually and on a mass global scale.

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