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Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello everyone.  Thank you for the support. I am still working on getting the writings concerning the goats and gardening.  Everyone seems to be busy but they will fit it in to their schedules when they can.  

Anyone who has been watching the news these days has noticed the current administration's attacks on various aspects of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and capitalism.  I hope you have already found alternative ways to continue discussing ideas important to you (Fairness Doctrine).  You should already have any firearms and ammunition you need, or be buying them soon(HR 45).  Maybe you are lucky enough to live in a state that has already introduced legislation rejecting such Federal Bills as HR. 45, like Alaska is working on.  If you have not seen those stories you can find one story in the March 1 Newsminer.com.  
You should also be concerned for your friends in the medical community.  If, as Obama promised, the Freedom of Choice Act gets signed, medical personnel will LOOSE the FREEDOM of CHOICE not to participate in abortions.  How's that for freedom?  That is their freedom for us, do it their way or loose your job. I thought the "Left" was the ideology of "inclusion",  of "fairness", of "live and let live".  I guess that's only if you stick to their version of things!
Stay active and "Be prepared".


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